About Yohns

me :)

Hello Internet World

My names John, but everyone likes to call me Yohn. I've had the nickname for awhile now, and kinda liked it so I'm gonna keep it for awhile longer. I currently live in Concord North Carolina as a freelance web designer for people around my area. I've been a web developer for over 8 years now, and have created many sites in the past, and look forward to making more in the future. I've created shopping cart / eCommerce sites, blogging sites, community based sites, and forums / discussions boards.

I have extensive knowledge in the following languages

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • PHP5
  • MySQL
  • Apache / Shell
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
    • jQuery
    • MooTools
  • XML
  • Photo Editing - I use Paint Shop Pro X3 currently
The site you're looking at today is a custom Content Management System that I built for future clients, and myself. After I do more tweaks to it, I might make it an open source project, but I want to work on a few more things things.

Projects that helped create this site

  • jQuery - for the awesome effects
  • Syntax Highlighter - for helping highlight code when I post it.
  • Font Fabric - for its awesome cube font you see for yohns web designs
  • MarkItup - for its awesome text editor they have created for helping web people built and add to their websites
  • 'tag' tags - for their awesome tagging feature