Getting Close For Its Release

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After some long hours or working on this site, and mainly the script that runs it I believe I'm almost ready for its release. I have a lot of features currently and plan on adding more. Currently I have the the blogging platform set up, with tagging and categories that can be created while posting a new post, or on a separate page. The picture gallery script I believe is pretty cool because i can grab pictures from it right from the page I'm posting this on.

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MarkItUp Editor Plugins

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So while building this website, I wanted wanted to use some sort of wysiwyg editor to make it somewhat easy to add new posts and pages. I messed around with the HtmlBox, CLEditor, jwysiwyg, and CKEditor editors, and liked them but they were kinda buggy and would take a lot of time to customize. While building the site in the beginning I went with SKEditor because it did have a lot of features that I liked, but still i was stuck on how to add different things or how to change some things, including makign it HTML5 compatible.

Then I found MarkItUp and practically fell it love. Its so easy to use, and customize which I did a lot of. I think for programmers this is a good one to use as it will make it easy to add coding to you textarea box and still understand it. As for clients websites, it should help them learn how to code if they would use it, you just have to let them know how to use the preview button correctly to check their posts before they submit it.

Anyways, I added a few things that I figured some people would like to add to their own as well. Some of the features i added include the blockquote / quote tag, youtube videos, syntax highlighter, Map Quest, images floating to the left or right, font styles, and my own gallery with help from the mark it up website. Below are my changes, and I'll also describe how I got everything working.

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Yohns CMS

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I wanted to build my own content management system thta would make it easy for clients to edit their websites.. at least a little easier than something like wordpress or and not as complicated as drupal and joomla.. I'm still working on it, but so far I have completed quite a bit. I'm going to list what i have completed and what I need to complete before I release it on


  1. making new blog posts
  2. editing blog posts
  3. creating categories
  4. creating pages

To Do

  1. blog settings
  2. make it possible to create categories within the blog postings page
  3. delete blogs
  4. delete categories
  5. editing pages
  6. delete pages
  7. make sure link structure is set up correctly for pages and everything
  8. set up the comment pages.
  9. set up the template system for actually browsing the site
  10. saving the main settings for the site
  11. create the photo gallery pages, events, and store..
  12. maybe put the category and tags on the side instead of underneath..

still got my hands full with a lot to so im gonna be busy for awhile

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