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After messing with Bootstrap for about 2 months, I gotta say that I really like it. it gives a base starting point for starting new websites, or creating new designs for current websites. Its easy to get the hang of, and to tweak up.

Some of the pluses are that it has basic javascript / jquery functionality included, with dropdown menus, accordions, tooltips, modal boxes, and more. It has multiple form layouts, for different form submissions, the buttons look awesome when you figure out how to create your own, and most of all they allow for responsive layout for multiple screen sizes which is a huge plus!

Some of the drawbacks I found were that it when you changed the width of the page / layout the media queries didnt update, but this can be fixed within adding your own media queries and or updating the existing ones.

All in all, I still believe that the bootstrap project is a great project that hit the web developers community and it truly does provide a huge helping hand in developing new sites, with all the basic functionality all websites need to have.

Way to team bootstrap! You did awesome in your creation


MarkItUp Editor Plugins

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So while building this website, I wanted wanted to use some sort of wysiwyg editor to make it somewhat easy to add new posts and pages. I messed around with the HtmlBox, CLEditor, jwysiwyg, and CKEditor editors, and liked them but they were kinda buggy and would take a lot of time to customize. While building the site in the beginning I went with SKEditor because it did have a lot of features that I liked, but still i was stuck on how to add different things or how to change some things, including makign it HTML5 compatible.

Then I found MarkItUp and practically fell it love. Its so easy to use, and customize which I did a lot of. I think for programmers this is a good one to use as it will make it easy to add coding to you textarea box and still understand it. As for clients websites, it should help them learn how to code if they would use it, you just have to let them know how to use the preview button correctly to check their posts before they submit it.

Anyways, I added a few things that I figured some people would like to add to their own as well. Some of the features i added include the blockquote / quote tag, youtube videos, syntax highlighter, Map Quest, images floating to the left or right, font styles, and my own gallery with help from the mark it up website. Below are my changes, and I'll also describe how I got everything working.

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