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I wanted to build my own content management system thta would make it easy for clients to edit their websites.. at least a little easier than something like wordpress or and not as complicated as drupal and joomla.. I'm still working on it, but so far I have completed quite a bit. I'm going to list what i have completed and what I need to complete before I release it on www.yohns.com


  1. making new blog posts
  2. editing blog posts
  3. creating categories
  4. creating pages

To Do

  1. blog settings
  2. make it possible to create categories within the blog postings page
  3. delete blogs
  4. delete categories
  5. editing pages
  6. delete pages
  7. make sure link structure is set up correctly for pages and everything
  8. set up the comment pages.
  9. set up the template system for actually browsing the site
  10. saving the main settings for the site
  11. create the photo gallery pages, events, and store..
  12. maybe put the category and tags on the side instead of underneath..

still got my hands full with a lot to so im gonna be busy for awhile

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