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So I've been searching around on ebay, and saw a bunch of turnkey sites for relatively cheap, $2.00 or less.. one was the popular 225,000 website templates, along with scripts and images for your websites. Supposely you wouldnt have to design another layout ever again with all those templates included...

I guess that could be the case if you living in 1990, when coding standards and practices where different. All of those templates are written in DHTMl, this is before XHTML, and it has messy markup in my opinion. They actually look like they were made with dreamweaver, which I personally dislike. It would be really hard to use some of those templates to create a website now a days, and then to get it to be W3 compliant would be even harder, unless you want o design your layout like it was in the 90's. We're past that stage in web development, its time to move on and learn HTML5, and AJAX functionality. Now on the other hand, it did include some images, logos, stock photos and graphics. Some of the stock photos are good and could possibly be used in some projects, but most of the images provided are clipart pictures from the 90s as well. Who uses those anymore? site sthat havent been maintained since the 90's i suppose.

The 225,000 website template package has 2 decent features in it. The 3,000 sound clips to be used, and some of the images in it. You'll have to weed through a lot of different sections just to find the decent stuff. Now the scripts that are included are ALL made prior to 2003, that means they're running on PHP4 or less which isnt even supported anymore by most web hosts, so to get ANY of those scripts working you will have to know how to edit code, find the depreciated functions, replace them with their new functions, and then edit all of the HTMl within the scripts to get hem to be compliant with at least W3's standards for XHTML. And then on top of that, all of the scripts that are included within the package were found online, for free. If the company that made that script is still alive then it has been updated with a better free version that you can download from their site. Example is they have included wordpress 1.4 in th package.. How old is that now? close to 10 years old.

Theres another script on Ebay selling like wildfire as well.. This is the 1,000+ turnkey website package, with clones for some popular websites. Awesome! or so I think.. Like the 225,000 package, this package has scripts built in PHP4 which is not supported by most web hosts no a days. If you buy this package good luck trying to get them to work online with a web host. All of the scripts within this package came from various websites online giving away free scripts once again. If you're looking for a clone website, go to or and search their database for twitter/facebook/imageshack or whatever sites you like clones. You'll find thousands! They arent that hard to find. If you dont find it on them sites, go to google, and type in the script you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for a SMS website, type in "free sms php script" and look at how many pop up. And get this, the even better part! They're all written in PHP5!!! Oh my, now you can get a free script, upload it to any web host and it actually works!

I hope I wasnt to hard on any of you with this post. I just find it disgusting how people try to sell things to make a profit and those things can be found online everywhere else for free.

If you would like to buy the 225,000 template package with the outdated scripts, sound clips, logos, templates, and images, or the 1,000+ outdated turnkey scripts that are sold on ebay right now, please contact me through my contact page and I'll send them to you for free! I'd rather give them away then let those people rip off other people with some old scripts that hardly anyone oculd use. Trust me, do not buy those scripts / resources from ebay as they are out dated and do not work with the current standards of web design.

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