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So most of today I've spent customizing the site up.. I had one layout created and did kinda like it but it wasnt "me" so i had to redo it. I'm really liking how this layout is looking, and will prolly release the site with this layout when its completed.

I've spent most of the day configuring the Yohns Web Designs image, and playing with jquery a bit here and there to get some of the cool effects you see on the page. I do still have to change the browsing of the pages function and the footer but those shouldn't be to hard. I'm excited to be able to release this site, and am excited to be able to have my own custom CMS system to be able to share with my friends and family to get their websites online. I'm also thinking a site like this will be able to get more clients to get me to build their website, or at least I hope so. I need to find some more clients to build sites for so I can make a little bit of money. My main site has been loosing hits left and right, prolly because its not as popular as it once was. I did kinda figure it would be like that though. I think people expected everyone to be back right away, and I knew that wasnt gonna be the case. Its going to take some time for the site to build up to its full potential again.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new site. I'll be posting on here a lot I hope, and to provide some visitors some cool things I've found or wrote,

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Yohn ~ 08/03/12, 4:51am

comment awesome!

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