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After some long hours or working on this site, and mainly the script that runs it I believe I'm almost ready for its release. I have a lot of features currently and plan on adding more. Currently I have the the blogging platform set up, with tagging and categories that can be created while posting a new post, or on a separate page. The picture gallery script I believe is pretty cool because i can grab pictures from it right from the page I'm posting this on.

I do want to create more features for the site including, most popular (not sure how I'm going to do that yet), latest comments, and newest posts. I want to be able to create different links for the site to, for example, being able to put new links in the navigation pointing to other sites. I also want to include my "Friends Links" script that I have created before to link to other websites. I'm gonna go update my to-do list page

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wonder ~ 08/01/12, 11:42pm

yayyyy thanks!


Yohn ~ 08/03/12, 7:44am

reply to the yay thanks again


Yohn ~ 08/03/12, 7:49am

reply to the -- reply to the yay thanks again


Yohn ~ 08/03/12, 6:06am

reply to yayyyy thanks!


Yohn ~ 08/03/12, 6:04am

reply to yayyyy thanks!


ok ~ 08/01/12, 11:18pm


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